Do you feel sometimes like life is out of control and full of have-tos and shoulds rather than choice? Is overwhelm, anxiety and frustration taking over?

Imagine if you had the confidence to say NO more to the demands and YES more to what works for you. What would life be like then? The Confidence Igniter program will show you how to take control back and live with clarity and ease (and a dose of happiness).


Life can totally knock you and cause you to no longer trust your decisions or ability to create a better reality.

Caz Makepeace YTravel Blog

Simple, effective and easy to implement no matter how busy your life is.

The Confidence Igniter System has helped hundreds of people successfully create real change in their life.

It doesn’t involve firewalking, positive affirmations, analysing all your past mistakes, confessing all your sins on a hard couch, or fervent prayers to an unseen entity.

The Confidence Igniter program brings it back to YOU.

How you can shift self-defeating thought patterns, release the chains that suffocate you, and return to an empowered being in total control of how your life looks!


About Caz and Mike

Successful entrepreneurs confidently controlling their reality.

They’re also friends and travel addicts with a common mission: to help people create lives they want.

They understand the pain of living a life that feels out of control and lived in accordance to the expectation and demands of others. They too felt the fear that they could never make it work, the confusion of what to do, and the feeling that something was missing.

This search for clarity led them through a process of introspection to take the control back and create something more meaningful. Mike is now a successful business coach and Caz, is co-founder of one of the most successful travel blogs in the world.

The twist to this story.

Mike is now Caz’s business coach. She hit a plateau and couldn’t understand what was preventing her from stepping up to a new level. Her usual tools and strategies no longer worked and she was tearing her hair out figuring out what was going wrong.

Her frustration and longing to create something different, and the knowingness that she did not have to figure it out on her own, motivated her to ask Mike for help.

He shone a light on the underlying causes of her limitations and opened her eyes to how she was subtly sabotaging her intentions. Following Mike’s system for change, her perspective has completely shifted and her self-esteem and control over her life has improved dramatically.

The extra twist is that they filmed the live coaching experience to help you make the same changes.

Now it's your turn to observe, apply, and ignite your confidence!

Here's the Plan To Get You There

An Interactive Online Video Based  Program

Toyed with the idea of coaching before, but felt terrified of what the coach might discover or expect you to do? It can be intimidating, but all successful people have coaches.

We don't want you to miss the opportunity to break through the confusion, the overwhelm, and limitations because of this discomfort and insecurity.

The Confidence Igniter Program removes this fear of intimate coaching for you. You'll see Mike’s unique system for change in action from the comfort and safety of your home.

He'll give you the tips, tools and strategies to apply it to your own situation and to engage with others in the community on the same Confidence Igniter journey.

You then get the clarity, confidence, and control you seek without the pain of inspecting your greatest doubts and insecurities in front of someone else.


Learn to Apply the Program To Ignite Your Confidence

In addition to the recorded live coaching sessions, you'll receive video training from Mike on how to apply these topics to shift your mindset.

Caz will also share her tips and strategies for implementing what she has learned through this program.

You will also have your fellow students by your side through the Confidence Igniter coaching program.

Live Q&A Coaching Calls

During the eight week program, Caz and Mike will host 3 x 1 hour live Q & A calls to answer any questions you might have and provide you additional support for implementing these new-life strategies bringing real change to your confidence. These calls will be recorded and transcribed so if you can't make it don't sweat it.  You'll have access to listen when it works for you.  We will be in touch before the call so you can submit your questions.

Is the Confidence Igniter program right for me?

  • q-iconI’ve tried many things before and they haven’t worked. How do I know this is different?

    We can’t comment on anything you’ve done before.

    What we can tell you is that Mike has successfully coached hundreds of people offline over the last 10 years to gain more confidence and control in life, and they’ve paid over $10,000 for a program to be delivered one on one.

    The key factor in your success is your intention to apply what you learn. If you keep your agreements, you will gain the confidence and control you are looking for.

  • q-iconI’m so busy, I’m not sure I have the time for this.

    We’re all busy. We get it. That’s one of the reasons that we give you life-time access to this program (for as long as the internet is running).

    Is there anything more important or higher priority than you and your confidence?

    What we know is if you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. If you really make a commitment to yourself, you’ll do whatever it takes.

    Let’s ignite your confidence together so you can create the life you’d really like!

  • q-iconWill this help me with scarcity mentality and money issues?

    The short answer is yes.

    When you apply the topics we cover in the Confidence Igniter to the subject of money you’ll see many ways that you might not be thinking clearly about money.

    Your confidence, and specifically your self esteem, has a big part to play in the money you can have. Self esteem is defined as your subjective opinion of your own worth.

    Come and join us and lets build yours!

  • q-iconI have never been a confident person.

    Everyone has their own starting point. The information in this program is delivered in a way that will benefit you no matter where you sit on the gradient of confidence.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, no matter where you are, this program will help you move forward.

    In fact, if you revisit this program 6 months after you complete it, you will hear and learn different things from the first time around. It’s not the type of program that you do once and forget about it.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Currently this program is only available to as a bonus to those who are taking part in Marie Forleo’s 2016 B School Program with Ytravel Blog and Advanced Business Abilities.

If you choose to leave B School and are granted a refund you will also lose access to this one of a kind coaching program.

Please see the B School refund policy for the full details.

What Other People Say About The Program

Shannon Minnett

I feel more in control of my life, my relationships, particularly with my children, have improved a thousand fold. The whole set up is such that I felt like I was going on a journey with Caz & that ‘togetherness’ was comforting. I love the concise nature and length of the videos too; it makes them extremely easy to slot into a schedule with multiple priorities. Thank you, Mike & Caz for putting together such a concise and user-friendly program. The Confidence Igniter has helped bring me back from the precipice of a breakdown after having my second child.

Shannon Minnett
Des Ranger

The information in this series has contributed significantly to me living a confident and authentic life.

Des Ranger
Sarah-Jane Haydon

As a new mother, I feel more at ease and in control.  I’m grounded and centred instead of overwhelmed and frustrated.

Sarah-Jane Haydon

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